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Anjoli Vidoola from Watford

Wednesday, 03-09-08 20:02

We were first time cat owners and were looking in a lot of places for kittens, we were lucky to have found Jackie. amongst all the people we visited for the kittens, we have never seen some one who is responsible and caring for the cats as Jackie, she provided us with everything to get us started with our cats, the care and the looking after of them. excellent is only what i can say. 5 stars


Deborah McManus from Watford

Wednesday, 03-09-08 19:59

I have been using the services of Jackie (Home from Home cattery and home visiting services) for about 3 Ĺ years. My cat (Sue) has been a border (for periods of over 3 weeks) and had lots of home visits. I always feel that I can trust Jackie to look after Sue and give her lots of fuss. Sue always seems well fed (usually too well fed as she seems to get several fishy treats), her dirt tray is regularly cleaned and I feel confident that when Iím away my flat and cat are safe and sound. Jackie clearly adores cats and so is an ideal person to run a cattery and care for furry four pawed loved ones. I have recommended her to friends as itís so convenient to have someone you trust visit to feed your pet, without imposing on neighbours or friends.



Joan Woollatt from London

Wednesday, 03-09-08 10:42

"I have been using the services of Mrs Constantinou for over 10 years, both for boarding my cats and, as they became older, her Home Visit Service. As her Cattery is family run, the cats receive plenty of care and love living in heated accommodation with comfortable clean beds. There is also space to play in good size runs. On home visits Mrs Constantinou not only feeds the cats and cleans their litter trays, but also spends time to give them "cuddles" and check to see there are no health problems. My house and kitchen are always left in impeccable order. My cats always appear happy and calm in her care and I have no concerns when I go on holiday. On my recommendation my neighbours have also benefited from Mrs Constantinou's care for their cats."



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