My name is Jackie and I have been running my cattery for 22 years.
Cats have always been very much part of my life from the time I was a child.
I used to breed British Short Haired Blue/blue-creams and white cats.

I have 3 Cats that are all rescue. The first is Hugo. Came to me as he was being bullied by all the other cats in his street. He is such a sociable cat that he wants to be friends with everyone. He will probably be at the entrance to the cattery to greet you.

Then there is Angelica. She was found at just 8 months old in labour and very distressed in a garden. On inspection from the vet it was clear she had a dead kitten inside blocking the birth so they removed the dead kitten but behind was the little White and tortie kitten in the left hand picture very much alive. A week later the vets informed me of a mummy cat that had an abortion but they revived one of the premature kittens. The mummy was too ill to nurse so they asked if Angelica may adopt him which she did very willingly,the little grey tabby in the left hand picture. All are very well. Kittens homed together with a customer of the cattery but I just had to keep Angelica. Felt she had already been thru enough in her short life to be moved on again.

Then our sweet Tosca. Born under a hedge in the country,ran out in front of a car when he was 12 weeks old and was concussed. Taken to the vets and improved very quickly and I was asked if I could take him. Which of course I did and what a sweetie he is. Here they are below.

Cattery Watford - HUGO
Cattery Watford - Angel and kittens
Cattery Watford - TOSCA

After breeding British-shorthaired cats I worked for 3 years in a 55 run F.A.B approved cattery and then went on to work for local vets taking on the job of hand-rearing their abandoned kittens and working in the reception area where I got to meet all the animals and their owners.


Cattery Watford - Our cat Ruby

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